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Sophie Wrobel is not your average dietician. She started as a successful technologist and competitive dancer. But before her thirtieth birthday, she was struck by osteoarthritis. Her doctors told her there was nothing they could do: arthritis is not . Undaunted and unwilling to accept a lifetime of pain and agony, she took matters into her own hands, and rediscovered a secret to staying healthy: Health, like life, is a balancing act. It requires balanced nutrition, balanced activity, and balanced emotions. If you keep these three aspects balanced, you create the optimal conditions for healing.

After a strict, two-month recalibration period that eliminated her pain and left her with more energy than ever before, she has returned to the dance floor – and inspired by this success, gone on to completed a certification in holistic health and nutrition. Now, she is convinced that this secret – balancing nutrition, physical activity, and emotion right – is important and fundamental to wellbeing.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be osteoarthritis. Almost any circumstance can be improved by bringing your health back into balance – all using natural remedies. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel energized instead of tired?

Let’s start your journey to bliss now!

Sophie Wrobel
Rubensstraße 24
D-75196 Remchingen

Phone: +49 / 72 32 / 50 99 79 3

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