More than just dietary consultation.

My services include:

  • Dietary consultation
  • Dietary analysis – You receive a personal dietary consultation followed with a written report detailing how well you meet recommended intake values over the course of a week, implications of your diet on your health, and individual recommendations designed to meet your dietary goals.
  • Holistic health analysis – You receive a personal report about how your current diet, habits and circumstances affect your physical, mental and emotional health, as well as next step recommendations to leading a harmonious, balanced life.

How it works

We meet at your home in Kleinsteinbach, Königsbach or Remchingen – evenings or weekends are possible as well. We discuss your current situation, your habits and your desires, as well as how you can realize them. A few days later, you receive a report with all key results.

Don’t happen to live nearby? Thanks to modern technology, I’d be happy to offer you telephone or online consultation! Simply ask for more details.

Ready to start?

Great! I’m looking forward to helping you!

Sophie Wrobel

Phone: +49 7232 5099793