Looks like someone rediscovered red algae and wants to put it on the US health food map. Red algae is a known superfood due to its high nutritional density, but isn’t very well known in the western world.

I recall this stuff boiled together with white algae, sugar and dried lotus fruit in an Asian dessert – one that I find very tasty, actually – but have never thought of frying it. This sounds like a lot of new potential recipes bound to crop up in the next few years, and a potential new ingredient that will find its way into standard vegan ‘meat replacement’ products.

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  1. +Gerhard Torges Not to worry – the no-name brand will still be available at your local Russian or Chinese grocery store for reasonably low prices.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I find that a lot of 'expensive' foods are available for rather cheap prices in import shops specializing in a particular nationality where those foods comprise common traditional dishes. For example, herbs are also packed with a high nutritional density, and are sold at your local Persian grocery store in packets the size of bags of flour for quite a discount in comparison to the prices at your average discounter. Or picking up 500 g bags of tumeric at an Egyptian or Indian store instead of the tiny bags that discounters or health stores carry.

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