What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? This beautiful short film may show you what a consumer society considers ‘happiness’ to be… but is that really happiness? Or could happiness mean something more?

Happiness doesn’t have to mean a sensual pleasure. It could also be a feeling of peace, the joy of making progress towards learning something new, sharing laughter with someone you know, the satisfaction of knowing that you have everything you need, the pleasure of being able to help someone else, or any other number of non-material aspects of life. And once you know what your definition of happiness is, you can modify your life habits to make yourself happy. So the end of the day, the search for happiness ends right where it starts: not in consumable goods and not in following others, but within yourself.

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  1. Happiness is the trash bin of the modern society. In its core it is unknown. Its manifestation it is frequent enough to be recognizable, while not continuous enough to become mundane. This combination (recognizable fluctuating unknown) leads to a push to get/reach something you do not know(thus not knowing how to get/reach it), but you assume that while adding more you will eventually get it.
    The latter triggers the consumption in general and snowballs it. That consumption then gets exploited from marketing, politics and entertainment ending with a society where dissatisfaction is not a motivation that enables change but a result from any change. The latter drives the push for change harder, while moving the society further away from reality. No one wishes to stop and understand, to look and to listen, to search for a way. Blind consumption requires more consumption to feed the expectations that end piling in a growing desperation that the next one will bring you one step closer to heaven.

    What the people fail to understand that is that happiness is not a state but a transition between states. Searching for happiness is like trying to chase your shadow, it will move as you move but its position depend on the light and how you relate to it.
    As G mentioned "even winning the rat race you still remain a rat"

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