The approval process for pesticides allows the companies that make pesticides to keep studies secret on whether those pesticides cause cancer, or whether those studies are toxic for the environment. Presumably the cost of publishing these studies would cost pesticide manufacturers too much money.

However, thanks to a recent EC General Court decision, these studies must be released to the public – public interest is more important pesticide manufacturer’s financial interests in this case. The decision may be appealed within the next two months, but I welcome the current decision and position as this adds a considerable amount of transparency to the approval process and helps ensure that the studies are reproducible, and gives more insight into exactly how safe chemicals going into our food actually are.

For more information, see the official press release:

EFSA’s decisions refusing access to the toxicity and carcinogenicity studies on the active substance glyphosate are annulled
The public interest in having access to the information relating to emissions into the environment is specifically to know not only what is, or foreseeably will be, released into the environment, but also to understand the way in which the environment could be affected by the emissions in question

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