Your body and your spirit are intricately connected – and influence one another much more than classical medicine typically gives credit to. Illness, depression, tiredness, etc. are signals that you have come out of balance from your natural, healthy state – and restoring this balance can help restore long-term health and personal fulfillment.

Health also means happiness and quality of life.

This approach, termed holistic health, considers the entirety of your physical, mental, and spiritual health to determine how to help you restore balance and inner satisfaction in life. My approach combines classical integrative medicine, spiritual methodology and the latest scientific research to explain your imbalance, and improve your life using proven methodology.

This model breaks down holistic health factors into:

  1. Body: The current state of your physical health. This is primarily determined by your dietary and exercise habits.
  2. Mind: The current state of your mental health. This is primarily determined by your attitude or personality, your level of stress, and your ability to bring your mind to rest.
  3. Spirit: Spirit describes your relationship to others and to the world around you. Your ‘ikigai’, or purpose, and your relationships play an important role in your spiritual health.

After assessing each of these areas, I will work with you to guide you through a step-by-step plan to improve your long-term health, quality of life and satisfaction with life.

Your individual plan is designed to work complementary to your life circumstances and (if applicable) existing therapy. I look forward to help you to find your optimal path in this journey through life and help you meet your goals more quickly.