Nutrition is the first step towards a holistic lifestyle. Without healthy foods, your body doesn’t have the right building blocks to repair itself. As a result, you age faster. That’s why nutrition is such an important cornerstone to longevity.

My Gift to You

Allow me to give you a gift for free: an approximate analysis of how your nutritional habits affect your health. No strings attached!

Your individual holy grail

If you wish a detailed and more accurate analysis, I would be happy to offer you a personal consultation. It works like this:

  • Fill out a detailed questionnaire about your lifestyle habits.
  • For one week, enter what you eat each day.
  • Receive immediate feedback on how your diet can impact your health.
  • Update your shopping list with personalized, ongoing suggestions and tips on how to optimize your diet.

You will receive:

  • Individual online analysis of your nutritional habits
  • Easy-to-understand explanation of how your nutritional habits affect your long-term health
  • Recommendations and ongoing reports to control just how effective your efforts are


Dietary consultation is not a substitute for medical assistance. You should visit your doctor about medical issues.

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