Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass Handystrahlungen negative auswirkungen auf das Gesundheit haben. Daher würde auch das SAR-Wert eingeführt und Höchstgrenzen an Strahlungen gesetzt. Dabei ist besonders interessant, dass die neueste Studien zeigen dass Gliomen – ein bestimmte Gehirntumor, die das gesamte Nervössystem beeinflusst – dadurch verstärkt vorkommen. Statt dich zu töten, machen Gliomen das Leben extrem mühsam, z.B. durch den Verlust bestimmte Sinnen oder motorische Fähigkeiten, je nach dem welche Teil deiner Gehirn betroffen wird.

Die Ergebnisse warten noch auf Einsicht durch andere Wissenschaftler nächste Monat. Aber bis die Ergebnisse verfügbar sind, können wir immer noch präventive Maßnahmen nehmen, um die Strahlungen die du bekommst einzugrenzen, sowie ernährungsbedingte Faktoren die zu einem erhöhten Risikogruppe für die Bildung der Glimmen führen reduzieren. (Hinweis: Dass ist eigentlich nur noch eine Ausrede, gesunder zu essen!).


9 Replies to “Handystrahlung führt zu Gehirntumoren in Mäuse und Ratten”

  1. You would help people reading here to specify what you think supports your first statement. Sending me down the Google rabbit hole does not help. Your job is to convince me, not the other way around.

    I have an open mind. Convince me. Otherwise your statement sounds just like "Everyone knows GMOs are harmful."

  2. A massive study of 400000 (!) Danish residents found no link between cell phone radiation and brain tumors (

    This is just one of several large studies. There are many others that have found no link (reference:

    On top of that, there is no currently known mechanism by which cell phone radiation, which is non-ionising, would cause cell mutations, which would be necessary for cancers to start. The RF radiation is simply converted to heat.

    The study you link has had numerous critiques online (for example, see (We would have to explain, for one, why male rats would be affected more than females.)

    Finally, cell phones have been in widespread use for nearly two decades. If there were serious adverse health effects (other than distracted driving), they would have shown up in population data by now. – Danish study finds no link between cell phone use and cancer – IOPscience

  3. +Dennis D. McDonald Okay, okay. With regards to that first sentence:

    The long-term effect of radiation effects from wireless broadband communications on human health cannot be known, as the technology simply hasn't been part of our everyday lives for long enough to the extent it is today. And the spectrum being used to enable communications at an ubiquitous level has grown considerably with the grant of additional bands, creating a larger aggregate radiation effect. But what we do know is that there are a number of studies indicating a linkage between mobile phone usage and various human health concerns, such as sperm reduction, sleep difficulties, or worse motor and audio-visual reflexes to name a few. That said, a linkage doesn't mean causation, as any number of other environmental factors may also be responsible for the causal effect. So the next logical step after proposing a linkage is demonstrating causation, which is what the linked NTP studies do with mice.

    Either way, I suspect – as with most causes of cancer – that a number of factors play together. In this case, my guess is that radiation on it's own is one factor that contributes to abnormal cell behavior, but there are other factors that contribute to cell mutations rates that in combination with radiation (or any other trigger for that matter) create an increased risk, in particular bad nutritional habits and poor physical activity levels.

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