Online course on fulfillment



Goals: Reducing stress, increasing happiness, productivity, and achieving inner peace and fulfilment.

In this self-paced online course, you will adopt a six-step model towards achieving a sense of inner peace, resulting in higher fulfilment and less stress in life. This is sometimes termed mindfulness or spiritual development.

Each module contains several parts:

  1. theoretical scientific aspects to help you understand how fulfilment works in your mind,
  2. a hands-on worksheet designed to help you assess your situation and improve the level of fulfilment in your life, and
  3. a meditative exercise designed to strengthen your awareness and introspective abilities.

This unique combination of easy-to-understand explanations and hands-on practical exercises will set you on the fast track to reaching personal fulfilment.

Your purchase entitles you to personal, life-long access to all course materials, including:

  • Access to all course videos
  • Hands-on online worksheets and exercises for each step along the way
  • Downloadable original meditation music

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